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Tapio I Soundbar Remote Control

Tapio I Soundbar Remote Control

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The Tapio I 2.0 Soundbar is compact, powerful and perfect for filling small spaces with HD sound. An instant upgrade to your PC, TV, gaming and music experience. 

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50W RMS & 105dB SPL: Ultimea features 50W RMS, 5x powerful than most 2x5w mini soundbar or 2.4 watts PC computer speakers.

Built-in DSP & 3D Surround: Dual passive radiator and Built-in DSP. DSP and 3D Surround technology makes the sound field positioning more accurate.

Space-Saving & 2* full-range Speaker: Computer Speaker is 16-Inch and 2lbs, equipped with 2.25"* 2 full-range speakers to provide crystal clear sound and deep bass in 2.0 channel field.

Slim Design With 3 EQ Modes: 3 EQ modes-- General / Voice / Treble to tailor the sound and fully immerse yourself in the theatre experience.

Multiple Input & Highly Compatible: Multiple wireless and wired connections, easily connect to the sound bar via Bluetooth 5.0 or Optical Input and AUX.

Key Specs


Size and Weight


Sound Bar Dimensions:

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Tapio I Soundbar setup for ourdoor and computer

Tapio I Mini Soundbar

Built for small spaces like your desktop, Tapio I mini Soundbar is designed to fit into your existing setup with minimal clutter. Create your own mini entertainment center with a truly compact and cost-effective soundbar.

Optimized EQ Modes

With 3 EQ modes, you can fine-tune your audio to match your favorite content with the tap of a button.

  • Dual powerful speakers

    Room Filling Sound

    Improve extensive stereo effects with specially tuned drivers and an oversized passive membrane.

  • Deep bass audio

    Deep Dual Bass

    Built-in passive bass radiators for rich, powerful bass.

  • Upgrade Bluetooth 5.0

    Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

    Stream your favourite music, podcast and more within 30 ft.

  • Tapio I Soundbar mounted on wall

    16-Inch Mini Soundbar

    The best choice for small rooms and limited space.

Universal Compatibility, Easy Setup

Multiple wired and wireless options lets you connect to different devices. Single cable setup with any TV or PC through Optical, USB, or AUX.


How to connect the soundbar to the TV?

1. First confirm your TV’s input types are supported; Optical, HDMI, Bluetooth, AUX, and USB.
2. Use the cables provided to connect the device.

Not hearing any sound?

1. Check if the volume is muted.
2. Check if you choose the right input modes on the soundbar.
3. Check if your tv’s input interface is corresponding with the audio cable you plugged in.
4. Check if the TV interface is loose.
5. Try a new audio cable.
6. Please contact us if there is still no sound.

How to install the soundbar on the wall?

1. First drill two holes in the wall.
2. Tap the white plastic tubes into the holes.
3. Screw in the provided screws, but leave a quarter exposed.
4. Hang the soundbar on the exposed screws via the keyholes on the back of the soundbar.