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Soundbar General Questions 

I want to turn up the volume on the soundbar.

In Music, Movie, and Bass + modes, the volume cannot be less than 24 frames. When the volume is less than 24 frames, you can choose the Bass + mode, which has a slightly better effect; In optical mode, the volume is about 10% lower than AUX, so when in fiber optic mode, you should increase the sound from the soundbar. If the volume is already at its maximum, the sound is still considered low, so try using AUX.


Also, this product is suitable for TVs with speaker power less than 30W. If the TV speaker power reaches 40W, unless the TV is ultra-slim, it will not be compatible with Sound Blaster.


How should I position the soundbar with subwoofer?

The soundbar is best placed outside the cabinet, 50cm away from the wall, and the front of the speaker facing outword; in addition, the room area is best not to exceed 30 square meters, because of the power of the subwoofer not enough, it may cause the bass effect to be weakened.

The Soundbar cannot play Netflix videos. There is no sound or exception.

The most of video APPs default audio output is Dolby and DTS for the movie, but this sound bar did no support Dolby and DTS, so you will hear the crack sound or no sound, so please kindly disable the Dolby and DTS on APPs:


Here is a method for the Netflix or Amazon prime video app:

Step 1, Launch the Netflix/ Amazon prime app.

Step 2, Select a TV show or movie.

Step 3, While your TV show or movie is playing, press the Down arrow on your remote.

Step 4, Select Audio & Subtitles.

Step 5, Select your preferred audio or subtitle options. (disable the Dolby and DTS)

Step 6, save the settings

Step 7, play the video test the sound


PS: since the Netflix have too much different version APPs, so if the above method did not work, we do suggest you clink the below link to your TV brand to try again, or use your account to contact Netflix for help:


Also for the Amazon prime video app, also please kindly disable the Dolby and DTS, the method is similar to the Netflix, please kindly try.


How to connect Soundbar to TV?

Please make sure that your TV has an Optical port and Aux port and follow tips below:


1.Please turn on the PCM settings on your TV when you connected the optical cable with your tv otherwise it will doesn’t have the best sound quality.

  1. select “Audio Format”settings and turn on PCM settings on your tv.
  2. select “HDMI Audio Format” settings and turn on PCM settings on your tv.
  3. Here is the link about TV audio setting for Ultimea soundbar:
  4. How can I connect the soundbar with my tv via optical cable?
  5. When connect the optical cable with your tv, please switch the mode to "OP" which means optical input.,
  6. Here is the link about how to connect the optical cable correctly:
  7. How can I connect the soundbar with my phone via Bluetooth?
  8. Please turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone, and connect it to name of the soundbar, press power button to switch it to "BU" which means Bluetooth.
  9. How can I use the soundbar via Auxiliary and USB mode?
  10. Auxiliary mode: plug in aux cable into your tv and soundbar, switch the mode to "AU" which means auxiliary mode.


Can the USB interface of soundbar be directly connected to external devices?

No, it can't. The USB port is used to connect the USB flash drive, you cannot use the USB data cable to directly connect the soundbar to other external devices.

When you plug your U disk with songs in it, the soundbar will enter USB mode and play the songs automatically.


Soundbar can't pair bluetooth.

We recommended that you clear the pairing list and restart the Soundbar and search again. It’s best not to have more than 8 paired devices in the Bluetooth list. If there are too many devices, it may fail to pair successfully.


How to turn off the sound bar warning tone when changing channels?

Please confirm whether the following settings are correct:

  1. When connecting the TV with an HDMI cable, make sure it is connected to the HDMI port marked ARC,
  2. Change the audio format of the TV to PCM.
  3. Turn off the prompt sound in the TV settings: System>General>Sound Feedback>, select Off, you can turn off the prompt sound of selecting a folder or selecting a menu item.


Can soundbar connect to amazon echodot?

Our product ecosystem does not support Amazon Echodot. We are sorry for this situation, please believe that we will continue to broaden our ecosystem in future research .


The noise problem with soundbar.

Please follow suggestions below:

  1. Change the playing source (or APP)
  2. Try to use other connection methods
  3. moving more than 30 cm away from the soundbar


After athat ,you can confirm that whether there is bottom noise .


What bluetooth decoding/protocol does Ultimea Soundbar support?

Our Soundbar supports A2DP, AVTCP, SBC, SPP protocols. 


How to connect bluetooth to sound bar?

Here is the way to connect the soundbar via bluetooth:

  1. Press power button to switch the soundbar to "BU" which means Bluetooth.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone or other devices, and connect it to name of the soundbar.



Projector General Questions

How to connect projector and bluetooth speaker/sound bar?

You can connect the projector to bluetooth speaker via the 3.5mm male-to-male audio cable, you can choose any kind of speaker you like, but this speaker must have an AUX interface.


In addition, if you want to connect the projector to the sound bar via Bluetooth, you need to buy a Bluetooth transmitter for the projector. but this operation is more complicated and there will be compatibility issues. Therefore, we recommend that you use a wired connection.


How do I connect the projector (GC355/GC357) with WiFi?

We suggest you can long press OK button 10 seconds to resart the projector and following these steps to check which step is wrong:


Tutorial video for screen mirroring 

For iOS and android:

  1. Go to Settings, connect to projector WiFi named "Mirroring-EBCE88", enter password: 12345678
  2. Turn on the Screen Mirroring settings in the control center by scrolling down the phone
  3. Choose "Mirroring-EBCE88" and once connected, your mobile device's screen will be displayed on the projection surface.


For windowns 10 laptop:


For Macbook:


Both Projector and external device connect to the router WiFi:


Related documents:


GC355 does not support ASF, DIVX, H.265, RM, RMVB, WMA, does not support AMR, AC3, DTS audio format, the playback audio format is AC3 video without sound, play "MPEG Video(Version 1) MPEG Audio(Version 1) (Layer 2)_1920x1080.mpeg" video picture freezes, other formats are basically supported.


Does the Projector support AirPlay?

Our projector does not support the AirPlay protocol currently.


The projector display is abnormal/the picture has line or flash screen/false focus


  1. Please change to other input source to confirm whether there is any abnormal display.
  2. Confirm that the connection of the cable is not loose, or replace with another cable and test again.
  3. If it is not resolved, please long press the "OK" button on the machine for about 8 seconds to reset and test again.


Projector has burn-in problem?

Possible causes:

  1. The fan speed is reduced or the fan is broken.
  2. The high temperature of polarizer causes aging.


You can resolve the issue by this steps:

The projector has set overheat protection, first of all, make sure that there is nothing blocking the air inlet and air outlet of the machine. And please clean the air outlet and restore factory settings. If it is not resolved, there may be a problem with the machine's temperature control chip, and the machine needs to be replaced.


My projector displays a blue screen.

Please long press the "play/pause" button on the remote control to reset the wifi function module or wait 2-3 hours after disconnecting the power, and then turn it on again to check if the problem is improved.


The projector display heterochromatic dots.

  1. Please change a white picture or background to confirm whether there are black spots.
  2. Confirm whether the surface or inside of the lens is dirty. If it is dirty, clean the surface of the lens, taking care not to scratch the lens. At the same time use a hair dryer to clean the inside of the projector (as shown in the accessories)
  3. If it is not resolved, please move the projected image slightly to see if the black spots moves. If it does not move, then there is a problem with the projection background.
  4. If there is no solution, it may be LCD or COF broken, please continue to contact us for a solution.


Can the projector screen mirror Netflix?

All of Wifi-projectors in the market do not support mirroring and casting screen from Netflix/Hbo or other sources due to the software copyright issues. It is recommended that you connect your computer to the projector with HDMI cable, and mirror and cast screen from Netflix/Hbo, etc. in the computer.


The projector has no signal.

Please reset the projector by long pressing the OK button or wait 1-2 hours after disconnecting the power to turn it on again to see if the miorring screen option can be displayed.


Can the USB data cable of the projector be directly connected to external devices?

The USB data cable of the projector cannot be directly connected to external devices as sound bar. The USB port is used to connect the USB flash drive, you cannot use the USB data cable to directly connect the projector to other external devices.


Word, Excel, PPT and other files cannot be displayed with USB connected to the projector.

The files such as PPT, PDF, WORD, EXCELL in the U disk or SD card cannot be read directly by projector. We recommend you connect to PC via hdmi cable, and then play your file through screen mirroring.