Discover the science behind each of the ULTIMEA technology that are equipped in the latest ULTIMEA products designed for an ultimate home theater experience.

Born Bright, Beyond Daylight

BrightMX Technology

The third-generation full-color laser display technology adopts a new intelligent beam combination solution. Under the same power, it precisely controls the brightness of each pixel, greatly improving light utilization efficiency, resulting in a 30% increase in brightness compared to products using the same DMD optical chip in the industry, achieving a breakthrough in overall brightness.

Technology HCTC 3.0

The full-color laser display technology enhances light efficiency through an innovative beam combination solution. In contrast to other products using the same 0.47-inch DMD chip, it achieves a 30% increase in brightness, ensuring clear images, improved color contrast, and saturation.

Discover Crystal-clear Visuals with IDDW Technology

MEMC Dynamic Compensation

ALLM Technology

AI Smart Image Engine

Immerse yourself in an exceptional viewing experience with our AI Image Engine. Select from Standard, Vivid, Motion, Movie, Game, and Eco modes to tailor your visuals for perfection.