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Model Number: U2120

Nova S50 2.1 Ultra-Slim Soundbar

Nova S50 2.1 Ultra-Slim Soundbar

Prix habituel $109.99 USD
Prix soldé $109.99 USD Prix habituel

Dolby Atmos
BassMax Technology
Sleek and Compact Design
5.25'' Passive Wired Subwoofer with Adjustable Bass

  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • OPT
  • AUX
  • USB
  • EQ Modes: Movie, Music, Game
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Nova S50 2.1 Ultra-Slim Soundbar
Prix habituel $109.99 USD
Prix soldé $109.99 USD Prix habituel
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  • Kit Includes
  • Specs
  • Reviews
  • Sound That Premium. Size That Slim.

    Elevate Your TV to Dolby Atmos

    Embrace the Cinematic Sound

    Dive into the 3D surround sound and be on the scene.

    Better Sound Effect with Your Favourite EQ Mode

    Indulge in the delights of a highly personalized music experience.

    Unlock the Highest Quality

    Experience seamless connectivity with Nova S50, supporting 4K TureHD audio output for a natural, lossless music experience.

    3.8cm Ultra-Slim Yet Powerful

    Experience with Pulse-pounding Bass

    Dive into deep, immersive bass with our 40W subwoofer, reaching max 103dB Sound Pressure Level. Customize bass with adjustable modes and enjoy remarkable ≄87dB signal-to-noise ratio. Elevate your audio with exceptional quality.

    Bluetooth Harmony, Effortless Melody

    Cut the cords and unleash the power of wireless audio with our Bluetooth-enabled soundbar.

    Smooth Compatibility,
    Exceptional Sound

    Enjoy seamless device compatibility with the Nova S50 while relishing in its outstanding sound quality.

    Kit Includes

    Power Adaptor
    Stereo 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable
    HDMI Cable
    Digital Optical Cable
    Remote Control
    Wall Mounting Kit
    Wall Bracket
    HDMI Adaptor
    Quick Start Guide
    Key Specs
  • Speaker Channels
  • Total Number of Speakers
  • Drivers
    Two 1.2'' x 3.8'' Soundbar Speakers

    5.25'' Subwoofer Speaker
  • Remote Control Type
    IR Signal
  • Listening Modes (EQ)
    Movie, Music, Game
  • Frequency Range
    48Hz -18kHz
  • Max Sound Pressure Level
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Distortion
  • Connectivity
  • eARC
  • Optical
  • AUX
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • Subwoofer
  • Power Supply
    AV 110~240V, ~50/60HZ
  • Size and Weight
  • Soundbar Dimensions
    15.7 x 1.5 x 3.0 in

    400 (W) x 38 (H) x 76 (D) mm
  • Subwoofer Dimensions
    10.5 x 4.5 x 10.6 in

    270 (W) x 115 (H) x 270 (D) mm
  • Packaging Dimensions
    13.1 x 17 x 7.5 in

    332 (W) x 432 (H) x 190 (D) mm
  • Total Weight
    Net Weight: 7.28lbs (3.3kg)

    Gross Weight: 9.26lbs (4.2kg)
  • Packing List
  • Nova S50 Soundbar
  • Wired Subwoofer
  • Power Adaptor
  • HDMI Cable
  • Digital Optical Cable
  • Wall Mounting Kit
  • Wall Bracket
  • Remote Control
  • Stereo 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • User Manual
  • HDMI Adaptor
  • Review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Thomas Leibner
    Great performance for little money

    What did you like or dislike?
    All I can say is that there is nothing I didn't like.

    The Nova S50 does what it's supposed to do and does it very well, you just have to understand how it works first.
    This thing can do a lot of things that you don't immediately notice about the small soundbar.
    My Nova is connected to an LG UR78006LK and connected via eARC, nad I really happy with it.

    I'm always surprised when complaints like "tinny sound, not enough bass, etc." appear in the reviews.
    You should always remember that you have not bought a Teufel or a Bose System for expensive money, but rather a "Chinese noise cube" for little money.
    Or to put it another way: What high-tech miracle can you expect for 150 euros?
    You know all this in advance.

    As for the complaints about the system being too noisy, go to the Ultimea website, download the V131 update and all is well.

    And if something really doesn't work, I can say from personal experience that Ultimea support is great.
    I also had problems with my first Nova S50, but support exchanged it within 4 days without much hassle.


    Was hat Ihnen gefallen oder nicht gefallen?
    Ich kann nur sagen, es gibt nichts, was mir nicht gefallen hat.

    Die Nova S50 tut was sie soll und zwar sehr gut, man muss nur erst einmal verstehen, wie es funktioniert.
    Dieses Ding kann vieles, das man an der kleinen Soundbar nicht sofort zutraut.
    Meine Nova hÀngt an einem LG UR78006LK und ist per eARC verbunden und ich bin wirklich zufrieden damit.

    Ich bin immer ĂŒberrascht, wenn Beschwerden wie „blecherner Klang, zu wenig Bass usw.“ kommen.
    Man sollte nicht vergessen dass man nicht fĂŒr teures Geld ein Teufel- oder Bose-System gekauft hat, sondern fĂŒr wenig Geld einen „Chinesischen KrachwĂŒrfel“.
    Oder anders ausgedrĂŒckt: Welches Hightech-Wunder kann man fĂŒr 150 Euro erwarten?
    Das alles weiß man doch im Voraus.

    Was die Beschwerden ĂŒber ein zu lautes System angeht, besucht die Ultimea-Website, ladet euch das V131-Update herunter und alles ist gut.

    Und wenn mal etwas wirklich nicht funktioniert kann ich aus eigener Erfahrung sagen, dass der Ultimea-Support super ist.
    Ich hatte auch Probleme mit meiner ersten Nova S50, aber der Support hat es innerhalb von 4 Tagen ohne großen Aufwand umgetauscht.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback regarding your experience with the Nova S50. We appreciate your honest review. Firstly, we are glad to hear that the Nova S50 performs well and meets your expectations. We designed it to be a versatile soundbar that offers a range of features, some of which may not be immediately noticeable. We appreciate your understanding and patience in exploring its capabilities.

    Regarding the complaints about sound quality, we understand that expectations may vary depending on the price range. While the Nova S50 offers excellent value for its price, we acknowledge that individual preferences may differ.

    Furthermore, we appreciate your suggestion to visit the Ultimea website and download the V131 update. This update addresses any noise-related concerns and ensures optimal performance. We encourage you to install the update, as it will likely resolve any issues you may have encountered.

    In the event that you encounter any further difficulties, we assure you that our Ultimea support team is readily available to assist you. We value your feedback as it helps us improve our products and services. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly.
    Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich die Zeit genommen haben, uns Ihr Feedback zu Ihren Erfahrungen mit dem Nova S50 mitzuteilen. Wir freuen uns ĂŒber Ihre ehrliche Bewertung. ZunĂ€chst einmal freuen wir uns zu hören, dass der Nova S50 eine gute Leistung erbringt und Ihre Erwartungen erfĂŒllt. Wir haben sie als vielseitige Soundbar konzipiert, die eine Reihe von Funktionen bietet, von denen einige möglicherweise nicht sofort auffallen. Wir bedanken uns fĂŒr Ihr VerstĂ€ndnis und Ihre Geduld bei der Erkundung seiner Möglichkeiten.

    BezĂŒglich der Beschwerden ĂŒber die KlangqualitĂ€t verstehen wir, dass die Erwartungen je nach Preisklasse variieren können. Obwohl das Nova S50 ein hervorragendes Preis-Leistungs-VerhĂ€ltnis bietet, sind wir uns bewusst, dass individuelle Vorlieben unterschiedlich sein können.

    DarĂŒber hinaus freuen wir uns ĂŒber Ihren Vorschlag, die Ultimea-Website zu besuchen und das V131-Update herunterzuladen. Dieses Update behebt alle gerĂ€uschbedingten Probleme und sorgt fĂŒr optimale Leistung. Wir empfehlen Ihnen, das Update zu installieren, da es wahrscheinlich alle aufgetretenen Probleme beheben wird.

    FĂŒr den Fall, dass Sie auf weitere Schwierigkeiten stoßen, versichern wir Ihnen, dass unser Ultimea-Supportteam Ihnen jederzeit zur VerfĂŒgung steht. Wir schĂ€tzen Ihr Feedback, da es uns hilft, unsere Produkte und Dienstleistungen zu verbessern. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen oder Bedenken haben, können Sie sich gerne direkt an uns wenden.

    Excellent setup for my computer room

    I have a bedroom setup for my computer with all my electronics for the home basically. This little Nova S50 system rocks out really nice. Packs a nice punch for it's size. The soundbar itself is so small you wouldn't think so but it has very good sound. Since I have had this for a good couple of months I will give you some of my experiences. I installed the software to it that is the one for better base going from -2 to plus 2 which I believe from memory is the V98 or something close. It is the best choice in my opinion. Base is super good with it, and using the game of the 3 EQ modes gives the best vocals. I do wish it had some way to adjust the treble. sound is very good, but muted or in other words very good midrange and base with the new software but lacking in treble causing it to me to be somewhat muffled for vocals/cymbals and things that you know should have that higher frequency. I have noticed some issue with the connectivity to my Sceptre 4k TV. Sometimes it won't come on automatically and I have to hit some buttons on the remote to wake it up. Granted this an old Sceptre 4k but it does have e-arc and I have it hooked up that way, but it gets in a mood at times. Most often I can hit mute and then once more and audio will work. I have no clue how or why this occurs. I am considering getting a higher end Ultimea for the living room TV as my Vizio is acting up but on the fence as to if the higher end Ultimea ones will be better quality sound than this unit, which I most certainly want to have for my living room TV. Being compatible with my Sony XR 90 series is critical too and I don't want any negative issues. I am happy with this one for the computer room, but it could be improved a little more. The lack of a total full range mhz of sound of this one I would not like in my living room. On another important note you all should be fully aware of is this company is extremely helpful to answer any questions you may have and gets back to you via email in a reasonable amount of time which is very admirable! They answered my questions very well and extremely helpful for my needs. For a bedroom, or my computer room this is perfect and a wise investment overall so I do recommend it. Thumbs down for any living room though for this unit. Honestly since I see the Poseidon D50 5.1 with rear speakers is only 100.00 on Amazon I wish I had bought that one now instead of this unit for here in computer room. With a few duds that have happened on that one combined with the mixed thoughts on the sound doesn't tell me if I would have been happier with it over this one or would be happy with it in the living room. The current 5.1 Vizio I have is set up similarly with bluetooth to the subwoofer and wired rears. It's lack of size for the soundbar itself for the living room is shaky in my mind. I want to ensure great separation left to right, good sound to rears which reviews say those are weak, and far better treble than this one. Reviews of their Atmos versions are not good either. Sorry to go all over the place on their equipment but it may be helpful for some.

    Thank you for your loyal support and love of our Soundbar. For the Nova S50 vocal and ARC issues you mentioned, you can try downloading another envoy-customized version, V131. This version has greatly improved the problems you are currently experiencing, but it has not yet been published on the website. please contact, and we will service you ASAP!

    Angelo Pendre
    Just woah!

    This thing is very loud. Even when I set the volume at, 2, it's still quite loud. Bass is also very resilient even when it's set to, 0; you can still clearly hear bass tones. I purchased this soundbar to pair with my LG C3 and it gives my TV x100 better sound emission than the TV's built-in speakers considering it comes with a subwoofer. For its affordable price, this soundbar is a total steal with premium qualities! I mainly use it for TV and gaming (yes, it has a game mode sound) and makes my gaming experience way better. Design is simplistic and minimal that it doesn't intrude when placed in front of a TV and material is quite sturdy and easy to clean if it starts to collect dust.

    Thank you for being happy with the performance and materials of the Nova S50. Your positive comments will provide us with the motivation to keep working hard, and we appreciate your support of tea products!

    James p.
    Top Preis Leistung

    Sehr gutes Preis Leistungs VerhÀltnis!!!
    Verarbeitung ist gut
    Ausstattung ist sehr gut
    Die Nova s50 bietet einen sehr guten Sound bei einem sehr kleinen GehÀuse.
    Ich kann diese Lautsprecher nur weiter empfehlen.

    Vielen Dank, dass Sie uns Ihre positive Meinung ĂŒber die Ultimea Nova S50 Soundbar mitgeteilt haben. Ihre Zufriedenheit bleibt der Inbegriff unserer stĂ€ndigen Inspiration.

    Sounds GREAT!

    Great unit, it's small but VERY POWERFUL... seriously, especially the bass. I like the EQ settings, I think it's very accurate mainly between both Music and Movie modes. The Nova S50 has really made my movie experience 10x better than it was before.

    Thank you for your honest review of the Nova S50. Our EQ settings are constantly optimized to achieve the current results strictly based on user proposals. We're glad you're happy with it, and we'll continue to improve and deliver even better products in the future.