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Ultimea was founded in Seattle, USA. As an innovative company, it experienced vigorous growth during its initial development phase in Seattle, accumulating rich technical experience and market resources. With the continuous expansion and growth of its business, Ultimea decided to relocate its headquarters to Rancho Cucamonga, California. This geographical location is more conducive to cooperation and communication with the global technology industry, further strengthening the company's competitiveness and influence.

Ultimea was founded on the idea of bringing outstanding and comprehensive home theater solution to global users, with its core value lying in creating a high-quality, one-stop, easy-to-install home theater experience. Leveraging years of technological research and innovation, Ultimea has successfully developed leading audio algorithms such as BassMAX, SurroundX, VoiceMAX, and collaborated with Dolby Atmos to integrate them into Soundbar products, delivering an impressive sound experience to Global users. Ultimea is not only committed to providing excellent sound experiences but also closely collaborates with industry leaders like Google and Netflix to offer diverse content solutions, catering to the entertainment needs of different users.

Furthermore, Ultimea continues to focus on the development of optical technology and has applied leading optical algorithms such as USPAA (Ultimea Smart Projector with Auto Algorithm), HCTC (High Contrast True Color), BrightMAX, and RangeMAX in products such as laser TVs and projectors. The application of these innovative technologies not only enhances image quality and color representation but also immerses users in a more realistic and breathtaking audiovisual experience.

Ultimea persistently pursues technological innovation and enhances user experience, aiming to become a leading brand in the home theater industry and provide global users with high-quality, convenient, and intelligent home theater experiences.

Certifications and Awards


2024 Attended CES Exhibits
2023 Attended IFA Exhibits

2020 German Red Dot Design Award
2020 Attended CES Exhibits
2020 Attended MWC Barcelona Exhibits
2020 Attended CEATEC Japan Exhibits
Quality Management System Certificate ISO90001

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