At Ultimea we continually innovate home theater technology to create high quality, affordable products. We create beautiful systems and solve problems creatively so we can close the gap between price and experience. With a focus on great audio and digital projections we aim to deliver the ultimate in media experience at the best possible price.

At Ultimea we believe everyone deserves the ultimate home media experience.


We want to create positive experiences and create lasting impressions on people's lives by providing the ultimate in affordable home media experience.

Our story
Our mission


We value hard work, integrity, creativity with purpose, passion for discovery, technology forward innovation, a drive for success, fairness and equality, and keeping our employees and customers happy.

 Our Journey

Our story begins simply, with us looking to buy a good sound system at a good price.

The crux of buying anything is finding balance between the price and quality. In our search we found there was too big a disparity between these two elements and we were determined to bridge the gap - not just for ourselves but for as many people as we possibly could.

After many years of trial and error we finally had enough knowledge and experience to design, produce product that were perfect. Ultimea is the culmination of that journey in the creation of the brand for our soundbars and projectors.

With everything we’ve learned we are finally satisfied that we have created a series of products that not only performs at the highest level at their price point, but also that we have somewhat bridged the gap between price and quality. It’s a process and we are committed to continual innovations so we can keep creating high quality home entertainment systems at an affordable price.


The better choice. The smarter choice. The ultimate choice.

Our team

Passion for life-changing technology is what drives us here at Ultimea. Every day a family receives our useful, affordable, and convenient technology to experience in the comfort of home. And every day we relish the impact we have on the community. When families thrive, we succeed. Our team of tech professionals is dedicated to increasing outreach and output one day at a time, one family at a time.


Product Manager




Operation Manager

Our Journey


In 2015, a small start-up tech company called Substanto started in Alhambra, California.


Team Expansion

Since its inception, Substanto has grown from a small single office to a global workforce, with subsidiaries in the United States, the UK, Germany, and more.

New Product Launch

Substanbo launched the audio-visual brand Ultimea in 2016 with cutting-edge technology that brought immersion to the home theater experience.

The Brand Reenvisioned

In 2022, Ultimea, furthering the vision of crafting new immersive technologies that enhance the home theater experience and create other useful home appliances.