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Odine IV Soundbar

Odine IV Soundbar

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Our compact and affordable entry-level soundbar. The Odine IV is everything you need to upgrade from your TV sound system. Delivering balanced audio from four large front firing speakers to enhance your home theater experience.

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    Loud and clear: The Odine IV features 4 powerful full-range speakers able to deliver a loud & balanced performance across the entire sound stage.

    Fits right in: The sleek and compact low-profile design adds a touch of style and fits seamlessly into any interior space.

    Crisp audio, every time: Our built-in DSP chip processes EQ for music, movies, news and games ensuring you get the right sound at the right time. Access through remote control.

    3D Sound: Spatial sound technology is used to create realistic audio environments that put you deep into the heart of the action.

    Stream as you go: Speedy Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity paired with a 10 meter range means you can confidently connect and walk away.

    Key Specs


    Speaker Channel: 2.0
    Power Output: Main unit: 2 x 20 W, Total System Peak power: 100 W
    Bluetooth® Version: 5.0
    Frequency Response: 100Hz-15KHz
    Adjustable EQ: Music/Movies/News/Game
    Inputs: HDMI ARC/AUX/USB/Optical
    Remote: Yes

    Size and Weight


    Sound Bar Dimensions:30.46" x 3.07" x 2.36" (850.00mm x 78.00mm x 60.00mm)

    Sound Bar Weight: 4.63lbs (2.1kg)



    Free lifetime technical support. One year parts and labour.

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    Odine IV Soundbar features overview
    3D surround sound technology

    3D Sound

    These speakers are tuned to fill any space with sound and let you experience true 3D surround sound.

    Optimized sound technology

    Ready for Anything

    With nine EQ modes this soundbar is instantly ready for a variety of content.

    Sync the TV & soundbar with HDMI CEC function

    One Remote

    Sync all your devices with one remote control for a clutter free user experience.

    • Odine IV cable connection

      Easy connection

      Every cable included to connect to your TV using Optical, ARC, AUX and USB cables

    • Upgrade Bluetooth 5.0

      Bluetooth 5.0

      Streaming your favourite music, podcast, itunes and more anytime within 30ft.

    • Control bass sound with remote control

      Bass Mode

      Enhance the bass effect to create an immersive feeling.


    How to connect the soundbar to the TV?

    1. First confirm your TV’s input types are supported; Optical, HDMI, Bluetooth, AUX, and USB.
    2. Use the cables provided to connect the device.

    Not hearing any sound?

    1. Check if the volume is muted.
    2. Check if you choose the right input modes on the soundbar.
    3. Check if your tv’s input interface is corresponding with the audio cable you plugged in.
    4. Check if the TV interface is loose.
    5. Try a new audio cable.
    6. Please contact us if there is still no sound.

    How to install the soundbar on the wall?

    1. First drill two holes in the wall.
    2. Tap the white plastic tubes into the holes.
    3. Screw in the provided screws, but leave a quarter exposed.
    4. Hang the soundbar on the exposed screws via the keyholes on the back of the soundbar.