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Magic 420 Pro Projector

Magic 420 Pro Projector

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5.0 Bluetooth; HDMI ARC / HDMI eARC

Key Specs


Display Technology: LCD
Light Source: LED
Native Resolution: 720p (1280×720)
Max Screen Size: 150"
Lumens: 8000
Color Brightness: 7500lm
White Brightness: 7500lm
Speaker Power Output: 5W
Lens: Singlet
Focus Type: Manual

Size and Weight


Dimensions: 6.30" x 13.00" x 9.50" (160.00mm x 330.00mm x 241.00mm)

Weight: 3.33lbs (1.51kg)



Free lifetime technical support. One year parts and labour.

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Magic 420 Pro Projector Features Overview

Create Your ideal home theater

Enjoy quality entertainment wherever you are with the Magic 420 Pro

Brighter and Sharper Image

1. The projector can miracast what you’ve seen on small screens to 40''-150'' giant screen in a shorter throw distance than other ordinary projectors.
2. Low light fade. Self-developed, premium quality LCDs with light cones provide +80% brightness uniformity, maintaining stunning images and accurate colours throughout their lifetime.
3. Multi-layer glass improves the light transmission/refractive power of the lens, making color changes more subtle and the image sharper.

1. The lens coating from Germanyensures a mirror reflection ofup to 99%and thus more detailed and clearer images.
2. Adopts apremium chipsetto ensure there areno dropouts or lagswhen playing games.

  • Remote Control

    Remote Control

    The HD projector can be adjusted directly with one button on the remote control, from "Standard" to "Vivid", the projected image is from cool to warm.

  • Projector working noise is less than 40db

    Noise Reduction

    Double cooling system for higher cooling efficiency and 60% less noise.

  • The minimum projection distance of magic 420 pro is 1.1m.

    Seat-to-Screen Distance

    The minimum projection distance of the projector is 1.1 m.

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Enjoy clear, vivid and beautiful images

Magic 420 Pro projector can accurately reproduce colors, and you can enjoy beautiful images with high image quality and fine sharpness. If you are considering purchasing a movie projector at home, please give it a try.

How to connect external BT speaker


What is Native Resolution

Every projector that uses micro displays, whether they are LCD panels, DLP or LCOS chips, has a fixed array of pixels on those micro displays. That fixed array of pixels is known as the native resolution of the projector.

Can this projector play Netflix?

Due to copyright, almost all Wi-Fi projectors on the market are not compatible with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ Video when syncing screen via Wi-Fi. Hope you can understand and please use the TV stick/ Chromecast to play these videos.

What is Supported Resolution?

On the market, most 480P projector claims it is "Full HD 1080p supported". To be honest, overall clarity and sharpness determined by native resolution. 480P projector can only process 1080p video source, but overall clarity still is 480P.